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Tom Roig reflects in Alaskan Mountains. Take a Yukon river canoeing trip. Tom has been canoeing for over 40 years. His first trip to Algonquin at age eleven inspired him to return many times since. Tom has not only made solo trips, but has taken others to the 'Canadian Wilderness'.

A serious marathon canoe racer, for 20 years Tom has honed and finely tuned the many skills of canoe paddling.

Wilderness canoe trips have taken him to many places, including the central rivers of Florida and the  interior of Alaska. (These adventures have been in length from a week to a month.)

Tom with his dogsled team. Take a backpacking trip and wilderness dog sled tour in Alaska.

Backpacking trips in several states and wilderness dog sled tours in Alaska have helped Tom acquire the skills required for wilderness travel. He's been mushing for over 15 years and has logged over 14,000 miles behind his dogs. So skilled has Tom become that he participated in both the 2007 and 2008 Iditarod Dog Sled Race in Alaska — the most prestegious competition of its kind in the world.  [Read About It]

Tom  also has CPR and first aid training, which round out his many skills. Tom's experiences with dog sledding and wilderness excursions have attracted the attention of the local media on a number of occasions. A number of articles have been written.

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Tom has honed and finely tuned the skills of canoe paddling
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